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Online Tutoring: A “Plus One, Plus Plenty” Deal

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

It's no big news that technology has gone far and that it continues to progress as years pass by. Before, few may have imagined conversing with their peers through portable devices—even seeing them live through video calls. Nowadays, this advancement is utilized all over the world, from casual chats to forums and classes.

Tutoring is no different. Even then, there has been a proliferation of programs that offer online consultations or remedials that aim to enhance children and youth’s learning. And ever since the surge of online use brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, online tutoring has been in high demand due to its convenience and safety.

After long years of the online setup, educational institutions have already returned to onsite classes. You may be asking: "Would there be any difference if I take online tutoring classes alongside my schooling? Won't it be too hard and hassle to find and take one? Will online tutoring be worth it?"

Short answers: Yes, no, and yes!

Long answer: Virtual tutoring will not be a hassle, even alongside your face-to face classes! In fact, it would even complement your classroom experience. How so?

Here's a list of reasons for how an online tutoring service can further enhance your learning experience and why you should consider adding it to your routine:

1. Personalized and focused approach to learning

2. Sharpening strengths and improving weaknesses

3. Confidence-building sessions

1. Personalized and focused approach to learning

Classrooms are fun. We get to interact with our teachers and classmates and learn a lot from them during discussions and activities. Still, rest assured that it's normal to have difficulties in grasping and immediately comprehending the topics introduced during classes; learning is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Some will find them easy or hard. Some may spend more time before they could finally say “Gets ko na! (I get/understand it!)”. Some may prefer other ways to digest information that has been taught to them.

With online tutoring, one can experience a focused approach to their learning. Best believe that it's learner-centered, meaning that the tutor aims to teach with the goals to engage and satisfy the tutee’s preferences in studying. Effective pedagogy is beneficial in addressing the challenges that a learner has, which can result in better performance in their academics.

2. Sharpening strengths and improving weaknesses

In relation to the previous point, having an online tutor while taking face-to-face classes can further help a student by putting emphasis on strengths and improvements in each subject area. Doing good with chemistry activities? How about with the use of prepositions in, on, and at? Having a struggle with understanding trigonometry?

Trust me, that’s fine. Even I get confused sometimes. And trust tutors that they would know how to help in improving our knowledge in these fields. Tutoring is more of a “supplemental learning”— gauging what the student already knows and improving them through more thorough discussions, activities, and interactions. Think of it as an extra support or refinement, like a painter adding more details to her already magnificent work of art or an artist mastering the basics to create a more refined piece. Side note: You are a work of art!

3. Confidence-building sessions

One may think that this one-on-one setup only focuses on the advancement in the academic aspect of the student. Spoiler alert: it can also help the tutee emotionally, mentally, and socially. Online tutoring gives support to students whenever they find something difficult, most especially in their academics. A tutor is more than a teacher; they are friends.

There would be nothing more satisfying than finally getting the value of x and y or being able to recall a part of Philippine history confidently after a whole day of confusion. This boost of confidence can improve a student’s mood and motivation. A sigh of relief, indeed. It also helps that the student is able to find confidence in their capabilities as a learner with the tutor’s acknowledgement and guidance.

Frequent interactions with the tutors can aid in the students’ ability to socialize and build rapport, which they can apply in their onsite experience with peers. Establishing good teacher-student communication can lead to better relationships and assertiveness in the classroom setup.

“But hey, what is its edge against its face-to-face counterpart? Is there any difference?”

Flexibility with time and place

One of the main advantages of applying for online tutoring is its convenience. One, you can choose your time for your sessions—schedule it around the school’s timetable and personal preference! Do you want it after your classes, a few hours later, or maybe during your free day (if you have it)? No worries, you got it.

Two, you can meet your tutors wherever you are. Are you in your dorm, own house, café, store, or in a friend’s house? You can still meet your trusty tutor, given that you have a source of internet connection (and a charging port). You don't have to worry about your chosen schedule clashing with your classes.


Online tutoring is a great partner for classroom learning for numerous reasons. It reinforces what the students learn in their schools by further involving the student in the didactic setup (i.e., learner-centered) and determining their strong suits and points for improvement. Not only that, it also aids in developing a better mindset and relationship with oneself and others. Consider it as a plus one to your routine—and a plus plenty to your growth.


About the Author

Jaila Deanna is an undergraduate studying in the University of the Philippines Diliman. She joined Aralin Online as a teaching partner. Through her writing, Jaila aims to amplify her advocacy for learning. As a breather from academic and technical papers, she likes composing prose and poetry.


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